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Is Modanisa Modest and Trendy?

Finding stylish and modest clothing can be a challenge for Muslim women. Modanisa aims to make it easier by offering a wide selection of fashionable yet modest options. But does the brand successfully combine modesty and trends? Let’s explore what Modanisa has to offer.

Overview of Modanisa

Modanisa, founded in 2011 in Istanbul, is one of the most popular online destinations for modest fashion geared towards Muslim women. The site ships to over 120 countries and stocks clothing, hijabs, accessories and more. Modanisa states that their goal is “to make modest dressing easy and fun for all women who prefer to dress modestly.” They aim to provide the latest trends along with modest silhouettes and high quality.

Modest Styles

Modanisa emphasizes that all of their clothing follows Islamic guidelines for modesty. Key features of their modest offerings include:

  • Loose, flowy fits
  • High necklines
  • Long sleeves and floor-length hems
  • Layering pieces like underscarves

The site makes it easy to shop by modesty level. Categories include maxi dresses, loose tops, wide leg pants, abayas and more4.Modanisa also provides a wide array of hijabs, underscarves and accessories to complement modest outfits. These include turbans, bonnets, hijab pins and brooches5.

On Trend

While modesty is paramount, Modanisa also focuses on incorporating current fashion trends. Some examples include:

  • Bold prints and patterns like florals, stripes and polka dots
  • Stylish details like ruffles, pleats and lace accents
  • Trending colors like sage green, lavender and coral
  • Contemporary silhouettes like cape dresses and off-the-shoulder tops with high necklines

They release new collections throughout the year so customers always have access to the latest styles.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customer feedback indicates that Modanisa delivers on both modesty and trendiness. Positive reviews praise the:

  • Large selection of styles and prints
  • High quality fabrics and construction
  • On trend and fashionable designs
  • Reasonable prices and good sales

Some negative reviews mention inconsistent sizing, but most agree Modanisa is one of the best sources for stylish modest fashion.

Key Takeaways

  • Modanisa provides a wide range of clothing, hijabs and accessories for modest dress
  • Items follow Islamic guidelines with loose fits, high necklines and long lengths
  • New arrivals focus on current colors, prints and stylish details
  • Reviews praise the trendy yet modest options at reasonable prices
  • Modanisa makes it easy to dress modestly and fashionably


In summary, Modanisa succeeds in providing Muslim women with fashionable and modest clothing options. Their selection includes all the essentials for modest dressing along with plenty of trendy prints, details and silhouettes. Customer reviews confirm that Modanisa delivers stylish modest wear at reasonable price points. For shoppers seeking the latest trends within Islamic guidelines, Modanisa is a excellent resource. Their large selection and consistent new arrivals make modest fashion fun and accessible.

Check out their latest modest styles and trends at Modanisa.com.