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Is Aab Collection Modest and Trendy?

Aab Collection is a popular modest fashion brand that offers stylish and high-quality clothing for Muslim women. The brand has become well-known for its modern abayas, maxi dresses, kimonos, hijabs and other modest wear. But is Aab Collection both modest and trendy? Let’s take a closer look.

About Aab Collection

Aab Collection was founded in 2011 in the UK and has since expanded globally, including to the US market. The brand creates clothing “with a modest silhouette allowing women to dress stylishly without compromising their modesty”. Aab Collection offers abayas, maxi dresses, kimonos, hijabs, trousers, tops and other modest fashion items.

Modest Styles

A key priority for Aab Collection is creating modest yet fashionable clothing. The brand’s dresses, abayas and other items are designed to cover the body and have modest silhouette. Features include:

  • Long sleeves and high necklines
  • Loose, flowy fits
  • Floor-length hemlines
  • Layering pieces like kimonos and underscarves

Aab Collection uses high quality fabrics like jersey cotton, chiffon and modal to create pieces that drape beautifully while remaining opaque.

On Trend

While modesty is central to Aab Collection’s ethos, the brand also aims to keep up with the latest trends. Aab Collection is constantly releasing new collections with contemporary styles and colors. Some examples of on-trend pieces include:

  • Patterned and textured abayas
  • Printed maxi dresses
  • Pastel and earth tone palettes
  • Stylish kimonos and dusters

The brand also incorporates current details like buttons, pleats, embroidery and side slits in tasteful ways to add interest while maintaining coverage.

Customer Reviews

Based on customer reviews on the Aab Collection website and third party review sites, most customers agree that the brand offers high quality, fashion-forward modest wear. Positive feedback includes:

  • Great quality fabrics and construction
  • Flattering and comfortable fits
  • Unique and beautiful styles
  • Excellent customer service

Some negative reviews mention inconsistent sizing and fabric quality. However, the overall sentiment seems to be satisfaction with the brand’s combination of modesty and style.

Key Takeaways

  • Aab Collection creates modest yet fashionable clothing for Muslim women
  • Styles utilize high necklines, long sleeves, loose fits and floor-length lengths
  • The brand incorporates on-trend colors, prints, textures and details
  • Most reviews praise the quality, comfort, uniqueness and style
  • Aab Collection balances modesty with contemporary, stylish designs


In summary, Aab Collection does appear to successfully fulfill its goal of providing both modest and trendy clothing for Muslim women. While opinions may vary on specific items, the brand has earned a reputation for stylish, well-made modest fashion. For shoppers seeking the latest modest trends within the guidelines of modest dress, Aab Collection is worth considering.

To browse Aab Collection’s selections of abayas, dresses, kimonos and more, visit their website.