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Is Everyday Ellis Modest and Trendy?

Finding stylish and modest fashion inspiration can be difficult, but Everyday Ellis aims to make it easy. This popular modest fashion blog provides outfit ideas, brand spotlights, and style tips for Muslim women seeking trendy yet modest looks. But does Everyday Ellis successfully combine modesty and style? Let’s explore.

Overview of Everyday Ellis

Everyday Ellis is one of the leading modest fashion and lifestyle blogs, founded by Karli Ellis and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Everyday Ellis has been empowering and inspiring women of all ages to dress modestly and stay on trend since its launch in 2016. From head-to-toe styling tips to fashion advice and lifestyle content, Everyday Ellis provides a unique perspective on how to look and feel your best. With a focus on modesty and trends, Everyday Ellis has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for a special occasion or just want to add a little bit of style to your wardrobe, Everyday Ellis has you covered. With an emphasis on quality, timeless pieces and modern trends, Everyday Ellis is the perfect place to find modest fashion that’s fashionable and trendy.

Modest Fashion Focus

As a modest fashion blogger, Karli ensures her outfit posts and brand recommendations align with Islamic principles. Based on her styling and content, key modest features include:

  • Loose, flowy silhouettes
  • High necklines and long sleeves
  • Layering with cardigans and underscarves
  • Mixing dressy and casual pieces

The blog features dresses, tops, bottoms, and layering options perfect for crafting head-to-toe modest looks. Karli also shares styling tips for hijabs, underscarves, and accessories.

Trendy Style Inspiration

While modesty is central, Everyday Ellis also focuses on mainstream trends. Karli shares outfit inspiration incorporating:

  • On-trend colors and prints
  • Contemporary silhouettes and details
  • Styling ideas for events, work, and casual wear
  • Mixing high-end and affordable brands

Her stylish yet modest lookbooks, brand roundups, and outfit posts enable readers to stay on top of what’s trending each season.

Audience Perspective

Based on comments and social media engagement, the Everyday Ellis audience loves Karli’s blend of modesty and style. Positive feedback includes:

  • Inspiring, diverse outfit ideas and styling tips
  • Great mix of high-end and affordable brands
  • Relatable content and writing voice
  • Valuable advice for building a modest wardrobe

Readers say Karli makes modest fashion fun, approachable, and most importantly, achievable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyday Ellis is a leading modest fashion and lifestyle blog
  • Content focuses on stylish yet modest outfit inspiration and styling tips
  • Karli incorporates on-trend colors, prints, and contemporary silhouettes
  • Readers praise the inspiring, relatable modest fashion content
  • Everyday Ellis empowers Muslim women to dress stylishly but modestly


In summary, Everyday Ellis successfully provides fashion inspiration for Muslim women seeking to balance modesty and mainstream style trends. Karli Ellis’ outfit posts, brand spotlights, and styling advice offer an invaluable resource for readers aiming to dress fashionably while honoring their faith. For trendy yet modest inspiration, Everyday Ellis is certainly worth following.

Check out Everyday Ellis’ latest modest outfit inspiration on Instagram and their blog at EverydayEllis.com.