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Is Artizara Modest and Trendy?

Finding stylish modest fashion can be tricky, but Artizara aims to make it easy. This popular brand offers a wide range of clothing, hijabs, and accessories geared towards Muslim women seeking fashionable yet modest options. But does Artizara successfully combine modesty and trendiness? Let’s explore.

Overview of Artizara

Launched in 2010, Artizara provides Islamic clothing and hijabs designed to be both modest and fashion forward. The California-based company sources textiles and craftsmanship from across the Muslim world to create their unique pieces.

The Artizara website states: “Connecting and inspiring hearts, through the deep beauty and diverse artistry of global Muslim cultures.” They aim to empower confident modest dressing by fusing modesty with global style influences.

Modest Offerings

As a modest fashion brand, Artizara ensures their clothing follows Islamic guidelines. Based on their size charts and product images, key modest features include:

  • Loose, flowy silhouettes
  • High necklines and long sleeves
  • Floor-length hems and layering options
  • Opaque fabrics like jersey knits and woven cotton

The range encompasses dresses, tunics, pants, cardigans, jumpsuits, abayas, jilbabs, and more. Artizara also offers stylish hijabs, underscarves, and accessories for complete head-to-toe looks.

Fashionable Styles

While modesty is central to their ethos, Artizara also focuses on global style influences and the latest trends. Examples include:

  • Vibrant patterns and embellished details inspired by Morocco, Turkey, India
  • Contemporary silhouettes like cape sleeves, off-shoulder with high necklines
  • On-trend colors and luxe fabrics like satin, chiffon, lace
  • Mixing dressy and casual pieces for versatility

Their social media and influencer collaborations further showcase how to style their pieces in chic, modern outfits.

Customer Perspective

Reviews indicate Artizara succeeds in blending modesty with fashion. Positive feedback cites:

  • High quality construction and fabrics
  • Flattering fits designed for modesty
  • Unique global style at affordable prices
  • Excellent customer service

Some negative reviews mention inconsistent sizing. But overall, customers agree Artizara offers stylish, well-made modest fashion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Artizara fuses modesty guidelines with global style
  • Offerings feature loose silhouettes, high necklines and long lengths
  • Patterns, details and luxe fabrics nod to latest trends
  • Reviews praise the stylish, quality modest pieces
  • Artizara successfully blends modesty and fashionable flair


In summary, Artizara delivers fashionable clothing, hijabs and accessories designed for modesty. Their global influences and attention to fabric, fit and detail empower confident modest dressing. Given the customer response and their offerings, Artizara appears to achieve their mission of merging modesty with panache. For shoppers seeking this combination, Artizara is absolutely worth a look.

Browse their collections of clothing, hijabs and accessories at Artizara.com.